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5 April 2007

Lewes Arms Decision In Formal Review Says Greene King

Greene King today confirmed that the decision to remove Harveys Best Bitter from the Lewes Arms is the subject of an internal review, the findings of which are to be presented to Local Pubs managing director Jonathan Lawson, when he joins the company next week.

“Speculation that the review is connected with the re-structure of our managed pub operations falls wide of the mark”, says Adam Collett, marketing director for managed pubs, “although it is true that we are reconsidering our decision.

“The reasons we withdrew the beer in the first place have not changed. We produce a great range of distinctive, top quality real ales, many of them award-winning, all of them traditionally brewed using the finest ingredients. Most people recognise that Greene King invests more in cask beer than any other brewer in the UK and welcome the positive impact we have on the beer sector as well as on local pubs. We defend the right to serve those beers in our pubs and, where we choose, not to sell rival beers.

“This is a pub we are very proud to have in our estate, but we did not fully appreciate its special position in Lewes as the former ‘Brewery Tap’, or take into account its history and traditions. We underestimated the strength of feeling which led to many locals boycotting what was once a Great British Pub. As a result, it has lost some of its character and greatness. The review should result in some positive decisions and we look forward to reconciling those involved in all sides of the debate.

“We can't put an exact date on when a decision can be expected, but it is likely to be within the next couple of weeks.”


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