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7th December 2006:

The first boycotters: Andy Gammon and Manek Dubash

Regulars from the Lewes Arms started a boycott of their local pub this week. The protest follows pub owner Greene King's removal of Harvey's, the local beer, from the bar.

On Tuesday lunchtime, two regulars leafletted those entering the pub and asked them to boycott the pub until the New Year. The protesters said that they had peacefully turned away almost everyone who headed for the pub, and that all passers-by had expressed support for their campaign. As a result, there remained only a handful of people inside.

Regulars say that the disappearance of the brew, which was voted Champion Best Bitter 2006 by real ale campaigners CAMRA, by pub owner Greene King is destroying the character of their favourite drinking hole. They also say that the Lewes Arms is a well-known pub that forms an important part of the character of the town, and that it should be selling the local product.

Greene King, which a couple of weeks ago was in discussions with local MP Norman Baker over the possibility of Harvey's remaining in the pub's cellars, has stuck to its policy of selling only its own beers, even though Harvey's reportedly outsold Greene beers in the Lewes Arms by four to one.

The Friends of Lewes Arms, as regulars call themselves, consists of a hard core of about 30 people who want to see the return of Harvey's, which is brewed a few hundred yards down the road from the Lewes Arms. Local campaigner John May said: "We are some of the people who care about our local and hope to hold Greene King to the high values that they claim to espouse. They can demonstrate this by leaving the Lewes Arms and its Harvey’s alone."

Greene King is currently running a advertising campaign urging people to support local pubs.


Blogger RLT said...

Many congratulations to the Friends of the Lewes Arms for their refusal to bow down to Greedy Greene King.
More power to your elbow!
It is hard to think that on my next visit to Lewes that I will be drinking elsewhere. But that is the way it must be.
GK have treated Lewes drinkers with contempt and now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party. The Suffolk accountants shall not pass!

2:09 PM  
Blogger mfc said...

Well done all! The principles that you all uphold regarding a marvellous local pub, a marvellous local ale and the unity of the community in fighting a monopolising conglomorate are admirable.

However, some of us who's only leisure time (for a pint) includes our family, need a "civilised" pub in Lewes that will allow/welcome our children. As we all know this is to be found in the Lewes Arms and, as such, is surely worth the trouble to make our protests. It is, then, more than worrying to find that having popped in for a quiet pint on Friday evening, with the kids, protesters (who I wholly agree with in principle) staring in through the window, jesticulating, waving leaflets at us and behaving in the same juvenille manner as Greene King!

Believe it or not Greene King beer is not to my liking!

The staff in the Lewes Arms always offer a warm welcome and there are no fruit machines in there..... yet!

In my humble opinion this situation needs to be resolved at board room level. It is NOT appropriate to attempt to restrict potential customers.This is a corporate battle. Please do not try and make us feel guilty for having a couple of hours relaxation with our familys'.

Why not try to mediate between the brewers and achieve an amicable reciprecol arrangement?

It must be more PRODUCTIVE?

Good luck with the endevors Harveys should be in ALL the bars in Lewes.

5:43 PM  

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