Monday, December 04, 2006


Discussions have been going on for the last two weeks between Harveys and Greene King regarding the future of the Lewes Arms with MP Norman Baker's involvement.

We have not been privy to the precise details of those discussions but were encouraged that some real dialogue was taking place at the right level. For much of this period we were receiving hopeful signals.

However, at the end of this process, the latest news we have from Norman, as of last Friday afternoon, is that, as things stand:

The Harveys will come out of the Lewes Arms after next Friday December 8th

We understand that Harveys and Greene King will be issuing a joint statement in due course.

At a recent public meeting of the Friends of the Lewes Arms, the majority of those present voted for a boycott of the pub and Greene King should the Harveys be removed. The objective of the boycott is to show Greene King, through their till receipts, how strong the feeling is about the issue and how much we disapprove of their actions. The boycott is especially important during the upcoming busy period over Xmas and the New Year.

We continue to hope that sense will prevail and that this boycott may still yet prove unnecessary.


Blogger Cap'n Swing said...

You may want to keep some of Greene King’s main investors (see company’s website) appraised of your campaign. It’s their money GK risking, along with a sliver of their reputation.

Top three:

Insight Investments 11,078,080 share or 7.24% of equity (Insight Investment is part of the HBOS Group)
Merrill Lynch Investment Management 7,188,976 (4.70%)
Legal & General Investment Management 5,298,060 (3.46%)

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